Guest Article: KFC

Hey y’all, it’s the one who usually writes stuff here, and I’ve got some exciting news.  You get a break from me!  Due to a lack of money and time recently, I haven’t… Continue reading

G&D Pizzaria

Oh my god you guys I mean seriously this restaurant is the worst.  They even spelled pizzeria wrong I mean come on. If you’ve ever stuck around long enough down the list of… Continue reading

El Jimador Mexican Restaurant

Note: this review (do these things even count as actual reviews?) is in no way stating that El Jimador is a bad restaurant at all.  It totally rocks and the food is great… Continue reading

Nathan’s Hot Dogs

Okay, okay, before you get all indignant on me and start blowing your top about how Nathan’s is the Weiner Christ or whatever, just listen to my story. Now, when it came time… Continue reading

Arris’ Pizza

Yes, there is such a thing as pizza, possibly the most widely enjoyed food of all time, that is poo.  It’s called Arris’ Pizza. I personally haven’t been to Greece and probably never… Continue reading